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Baseball Training

Baseball and Bat

Summer 2024 Pitcher & Catcher Pro Workouts

-Time: 8-10:00 am
-Ages/Levels: Youth, HS, College & Pro
-STAT Evaluation: June 6th 
-Training Days: Tu-Wed-Th
-Location: Precision Pitching (RipWing CrossFit) in Red Wing, MN

-Daily Mini-Lecture
-Full Body Velocity Warm-Up
-Arm Care & Functional Strength Training
-Drill work to Improve Mechanics
-Biomechanics Throwing Protocols
-ArmCare Shoulder Screening Pre/Post
-Bullpens Variations

Baseball and Bat

We offer age-specific science-based evaluations for both pitchers, throwers and hitters. We utilize National Pitching protocols and measuring tools such as our Rapsodo Pro. 3.0, ArmCarm shoulder screenings, FocusBand, radar guns and more. Our off-season Elite Pitching Training Program (booked off-line) requires an annual evaluation. Email Coach C at to schedule an evaluation today.


Group Training

We offer a variety of group pitching, hitting and throwing instruction based on each athletes ability and age. Prior to start our group training programs, all baseball pitchers and throwers need to schedule an evaluation. 


Private Training

Athletes will get a customized private training session to their needs that range from functional strength, mechanics, nutritional management, and mental/emotional


Our remote training involves video analysis feedback, individualized throwing and arm care programs, recovery and nutrition and positive mindset training. Athletes can book one session or save money by committing to monthly training. We only offer pitching (baseball) and throwing (baseball/softball/QB's) at this time.

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Baseball in Field

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