1.5-2 Hours

--Screening for Weak Links
--Testing for Point in Time Capacity
--Accessing for Efficiency of Movement, Strength, and Flexibility
--Training for Efficient Movement, Muscle Balance, Velocity, and Neuro-Muscular Speed Thresholds


Partner or Group

Hour Instruction

These semi-private training options include an hour of instruction. All programming will be provided by Coach Ryan Christenson, but much of the training will involve assistant coaches. At all times the coach to athlete ratio will always match the service provided.


Private Lessons

Hour or Half Hour

Pitching, Baseball/Softball Throwing, or Quarterback individualized personal training. Athletes will get a customized plan to their needs that range from functional strength, mechanics, nutritional management, and mental/emotional


Starter Camps

2 Hours

These camps are designed for pitchers who have not been exposed to our science-based National Pitching protocols. Youth (8-14U) athletes MUST attend a Starter Pitching Camp, or schedule a 1-1 hour evaluation, prior to being eligible for our partner or group training sessions.

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Remote Coaching

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We know that it may be difficult for many athletes to travel to Wisconsin to see. Online coaching helps athletes stay connected with Coach C. no matter where they are in the world. We utilize technology to assess, train and program to fit each athlete's needs.


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